Range of in-line cabinet fans, manufactured from galvanised steel sheet with double thickness side panels internally lined with 17 mm thickness of fireproof fibreglass acoustic insulation (M0).

All models incorporate backward curved centrifugal impellers, dynamically balanced and are supplied with circular duct connection flanges and remote terminal box.

~ All the motors are IP55, Class F(1) insulation, with thermal protection (2).
Electrical supply:
~ Single phase 230V-50Hz. 
~ Air stream temperature limits -40ºC to +70ºC.

Very popular fan, used extensively in commercial kitchens

The S&P Cylindrical Short Cased Axial Fans feature, as the name suggests, an extremely compact design created by the combination of an internal rotor motor with factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub.

This very low profile design optimises airflow performance whilst minimising noise generation. The Compact Cased Axial Fan series require an absolute minimum of space for any given duct mounted installation.

Designed to be installed in-line within a ducted ventilation system; the Compact Cased Axial Fan series are suitable for use within a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial ducted ventilation applications.

Although offered in 2,4 or 6 pole versions, the prices listed here are 4 pole, single phase fans.

IP65 Rated.

Totally enclosed motor versions of this popular fan, often found in commercial cooker hoods..
CBM range of double inlet direct drive low pressure centrifugal fans manufactured from galvanised sheet steel.
Useful for industrial and commercial applications, using rectangular ducting. ie chip shops, restaurants etc.
All the models are fitted with forward curved centrifugal impellers manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
Available, depending upon the model, with single phase or three phase motors, in 4 or 6 poles. 
All standard motors (1) are IP10, Class B, equipped with thermal protection and ball bearings greased for life.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50Hz (capacitor fitted on the fan housing). Three phase 230/400V-50Hz . (See characteristics chart).
(1) Except CBM-380/380 fitted with an aluminium housing closed motor IP44 class F.
Additional Information
Mounting feet as accessory, allowing 4 different positions.
On request
Aluminium housing closed motors, IP44, class F (T version) is advised for use in a kitchen environment.
Please inquire if you are using with a speed controller as not all of the enclosed motor versions are speed controllable.
Coupling flange fitted at the fan outlet (B version).

Please contact us for more technical details or other versions or fitting accessories.
Equivalent directly to some Chaysol Da- type fans. Call for details.

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