The CAB TWIN range comprises 13 sizes of centrifugal twin fans with acoustically-lined cabinets; each consisting of two direct-driven low pressure centrifugal fans which work independently for run and standby plus duty-share function. The low-noise forward-curved fans are fitted with maintenance-free single phase motors. Recirculation of air is prevented by integral back-draught gravity shutters.

Impellers are designed for high efficiency and are manufactured from galvanised steel and balanced to ISO-1940. The fan housings are of heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet.

The cabinets are welded and are lined with 25mm of flame-retardant V0 rated acoustic insulation lining (50mm insulation is available to order). As standard, they are supplied suitable for mounting indoors; however weatherproof units for roof mounting are available on request. The cabinets are provided with 4 corner fixing holes for ease of mounting horizontally, with access either from above or below the unit via the panel secured with screws.

Motors are suitable for continuous operation at up to +40ºC ambient temperature.

The units are fitted with an IP54 rated terminal box positioned on the inlet face of the cabinet.
Wiring to the fans is made to dedicated 3-way terminal blocks (one for each fan). The terminal box is suitable for standard cable gland entries.

Toilet extract ventilation in offices, hospitals, school, retail outlets plus other areas where run and standby operation is required.

■ Wide range of performances up to 4775m3/hr (1.33m3/s)
■ High pressure capabilities, up to 400Pa
■ Top or bottom access
■ Acoustically-lined cabinets
■ 100% Standby

■ Duty sharing auto-changeover controllers available, please select from the option above
■ Speed controllable alongside auto changeover controller
■ BMS compatible

Technical Characteristics

CAB- TWIN - 100H 240m3/hr 41dB
CAB- TWIN - 125H 300m3/hr 45dB
CAB- TWIN - 150H 711m3/hr 41dB
CAB- TWIN - 200H 971m3/hr 48dB
CAB- TWIN - 250H 1372m3/hr 56dB
CAB- TWIN - 315H 17293m/hr 57dB
CAB- TWIN - 355L 1481m3/hr 64dB
CAB- TWIN - 355H 2200m3/hr 68dB
CAB- TWIN - 400L 2625m3/hr 62dB
CAB- TWIN - 400H 2816m3/hr 63dB
CAB- TWIN - 450H 3450m3/hr 69dB
CAB- TWIN - 500L 3950m3/hr 70dB
CAB- TWIN - 500H 4775m3/hr 71dB


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