2102/315/4/1Ph Plate Mounted Extract Fan

The Flakt Woods 2102 range of low cost high quality plate mounted fans.

Our recommended number one plate mounted fan choice.

Flakt Woods reputation for only manufacturing the highest quality products is evident with this low cost range of Plate mounted Fans. Buying this fan gives you the confidence and satisfaction that comes with over 100 years of fan engineering experience.

  • Supplied fully assembled

  • Fully speed controllable

  • Can be used in any non hazardous environment

  • Suitable in temperatures from -40°C to 50°C

  • Low to medium air volumes

  • Low to medium static pressures

  • Available sizes 315mm – 500mm from stock

  • 560mm – 710mm made to order in 3 weeks

  • The grey coloured plate is manufactured from mild steel with a powder coat painted finish.

  • The impeller (the bit that goes around and moves the air) is manufactured from glass filled polypropylene and will stay intact up to temperatures of over 100°C

  • The motors are totally enclosed with class F insulation with protection to IP55. Single phase motors have overheat protection

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